=Thailand-Bangkok= P'Aor Lobster @ Soi Petchaburi

If you go to Bangkok without dining at this P’Aor restaurant, it is as if you have come to Penang without eating Char Koay Teow. However many people in Bangkok are still not aware of this restaurant, even though many tourists are aware of such a place and several travel documentaries had featured this particular restaurant. Besides their famous TomYam, the lobster is also their main attraction. Please take note that the TomYam in Bangkok tends to be sourer.

This dish of lobster TomYam comes with glass noodles, 2 stuffed crabs, 1 big stuffed squid, 2 mussels, 1 piece of salmon and 1 whole poached egg.

They offer 3 sizes of lobsters, the big costs 1200 baht (about RM136), medium 899 baht (about RM102) and small 699 baht (about RM80). However when Gibson had done a research before going to Bangkok, only 2 sizes were available, the 499 baht or 599 baht lobsters. Yet I was offered the larger size as the other 2 sizes were not available. Since I had travelled all the way there for such a special lobster, I had no choice but to go for it.

Due to its size, they require at least 20 minutes to cook the lobster in oyster mushroom soup. This will enhance the flavor of lobster. When took out the lobster from the soup, you can see for yourself how the mushrooms are stuck to its head.

See this stuffed squid, so well stuffed.

Look at how big the piece of salmon is.

When I saw the stuffed crab, I was so tempted and almost could not resist eating, but I had to restrain myself to take some photographs.


Poached egg.

This lobster meat is so chewy and moist, the best I had ever tasted.

Actually, in this restaurant they do offer many other choices that are much more affordable, here is the list of recommendation from the owner.

Crab sauce rice 60 baht
Shrimp sauce rice 60 baht
Green noodle with beef 50 baht
Glass noodle with squid 100 baht
Fried Prawn 150 baht
Shrimp popia 50 baht
Crab popia 50 baht

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Click the map to enlarge. Direction: I took BTS to Phaya Thai, follow the map by walking through small alley, so it is not recommended for those who walk alone, better get a taxi.

Very easy to recognize the shop, you will see a huge lady picture on the door(as shown in the yellow circle).

Address: 68/51 Soi Petchaburi 5, Between Soi 5 – 7, Bangkok
Contact: +66 2612 9013
Operating Hour: 10am – 10pm daily(close on Monday)

The price list presented here is as on 16th June, the day when I visited the restaurant; when the exchange rate was RM1 to 8.80 baht.

June 19, 2015



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